You may have noticed that there is no longer an MMA/Submission Wrestling class on Tuesday and Thursday at 830pm. Hold tight! We will be introducing an “Advanced Class” in that time slot shortly. In the meantime, please attend Vladimir Matyushenko’s MMA/Submission Wrestling class on Monday and Wednesday at 730pm. CIMG0239





rsz_20130610_201155Strong Sports Gym has restructured the classes a bit. We have dumped a few early morning classes and added some more so you all can best utilize your time in the gym. For example, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday there will no longer be an early morning Boxing class. Instead, we will have a boxing coach (Simon or Willard) on site at 630am EVERY Tuesday and Thursday. If you are in this class you must come each and every time unless you have made special arrangements with the coaches. On Saturday we added two new classes. Intro to Combat Sports at 10am and Conditioning at 11am. These new classes are placed in these slots for a reason. Intro to Combat Sports is for all new students. You must attend this class to get the basics of Boxing, Thai Boxing, MMA, Submission Wrestling, and BJJ. Conditioning class comes right after so you can get your workout in. If you plan to attend Boxing at Noon, the Conditioning class is a great way to wake up. Directly after Boxing at Noon, we have Sparring for Competition. This class is invitation-only and intended for intermediate and advanced students. Some come on through. This should be fun.





Get to the new Saturday schedule of 10am Conditioning (you asked for it), 11am Intro to Cambat Sports (you need it), and 12pm Boxing (you already have it). Sparring at 1pm is by invitation and limited to six members. Also, note that evening Tuesday at Thursday Boxing classes are now two hours long.





Simon Herrera recently joined the coaching staff at Strong Sports Gym. He has a long history in boxing. Strong Sports had the opportunity to catch up with him tonight to ask a few questions.

Strong Sports: When and where did you start training?

Simon: I started my serious training when I was about 16 years old in Detroit at the Kronk Gym.

Strong Sports: Tell me about your experience there.

Simon: The environment was “sink or swim.” You didn’t actually get trained. It was more just being thrown into the ring to see what you could handle. If you handled it well they would pay attention to you.

Strong Sports: Do you think that’s a good method to develop young talent?

Simon: Well, I think it’s an interesting method. Not necessarily the best method. I believe if you nurture talent you can get the same or better results.

Strong Sports: Did you fight?

Simon: I fought at the amateur level. I have 41 bouts and I was 35 and 6.

Strong Sports: What kind of fighter were you?

Simon: I was 5’10″ and fought at 135 so I was a long rangy type. I relied heavily on the jab and combination punching on the inside. But I’d say the majority of my fights were won on the jab.

Strong Sports: Who was your trainer?

Simon: I worked with several different guys along the way. The one who gave the the most attention was Taurek Fykes. He was a former Golden Gloves champion himself. And he really understood boxing fundamentals.

Strong Sports: What brought you to LA and Strong Sports?

Simon: I came to LA in the summer of 2007 to further my training career and get into fight promotion. I started amateur events and have begun to structure some entry-level professional events. Look out for the next event on January 25th in San Pedro. I stumbled upon Strong Sports coming up Figueroa Street.

Strong Sports: What do you think of the place?

Simon: I was intrigued by the gym. It;s a unique location and I believe in what Willard and Moe are doing; their philosophy of training and running a gym. As a former gym owner I understand the importance of good people in running a business.

Strong Sports: And the students?

Simon: The students are extremely classy, not the typical run of the mill. It’s a sophisticated group of people and everyone seems to get along which is rare for boxing gyms. It’s a great chance to build a program with good people all around.

Join Simon every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday for classes as well as private and small group training during most business hours.

Simon at left with rising professional Victor Castro (8-0).





Everyone hates them so they are gone. As of the beginning of the year, all students will pay by class and not on contract. Sick and need to miss a class? No problem. Injured and need to take a month off? Same deal. How about being transferred to a new job in Dubai? You’re free to go. ¶A new preregistration system will also come into play as of February 1, 2013. This will allow us to offer new classes and also control attendance. Like big groups and feed off the energy, then register for a full class. Prefer more personalized attention and smaller classes? You can now get that as well. The only caveats are that you have to use all classes in your bundle within three (3) months and failure to preregister will result in a $5 upcharge. ¶What this means is that most of you will be saving quite a bit of money. Students previously on a twelve (12) month contract and with an unlimited amount of classes were previously paying $450 for three months. Even the most ambitious students taking seven (7) classes a week will now get similar access for $300. ¶Come to class for rates.